These measuring spoons are designed to visually represent fractions for intuitive use!

While the words “half a teaspoon” or “two tablespoons” aren’t really a set standard, they’re used everywhere, from recipe books, to buzzfeed videos, but the problem of varying sizes remains. Not everyone owns the same measuring spoons, and even if you pull out two different spoons from your kitchen drawer, they’re probably not the exact same shape and size.

The Visual Measuring Spoons build on the brilliance of the Visual Measuring Cups from 2019. Designed to quickly and effectively help you ‘visualize’ quantities, the Visual Measuring Spoons are shaped to look like fractions so you can, at a glance, understand which spoon measures what. The tablespoon is square-shaped, to look like a table. The teaspoon is slightly smaller and circular, the half-teaspoon is semicircular to indicate that it’s half of a full circle, and the quarter-teaspoon is quadrant-shaped. Just by intuitively looking at each spoon, you instantly understand what it’s for, helping you measure more efficiently and cook more effectively. You don’t need to eyeball your measurements as you cook, and you don’t even need to bust out the weighing machine to weigh out your ingredients in grams. By making the process “visual”, the spoons are incredibly easy to identify, making it not just great for adults, kids, and even people with learning disabilities!

When I covered the Visual Measuring Cups in 2019, I was marveled by how ‘sensible’ this approach was. We are, as a species, quick to understand by seeing rather than by reading, so translating ‘half a teaspoon’ to visuals is much easier when the spoon literally looks like ‘half a spoon’! For further clarity, the actual measurement of the spoon is written on it too, making it absolutely foolproof. The spoons are molded in clear plastic, so they’re easy to measure with and keep clean, and here’s the icing on the cake… their shapes are even designed to nest within each other for easy storage!

Designers: Pam Daniels & Brandon Williams of Welcome Industries

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Visual Measuring Spoons – What You See Is What You Get

With visual measuring spoons, the shape tells the size. No more struggling to read the labels; a half teaspoon simply looks like half.

Set includes 1 Tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, and ¼ teaspoon.

Spoons nest together for easy storage and are joined with a loop.

Labels are subtly debossed on the underside of each handle.

Building on the Success of the Visual Measuring Cups

Visual measuring spoons are intended to feel as smart & fun as the visual measuring cups, which were called a “Leap Forward” by The New York Times, “Brilliant” by Core77. A Global Innovation Award finalist at the 2019 Housewares Show too!

The Design Story

“We’d been playing and prototyping for a while until the design felt “right,” a process which took about a year and a half. One of the main challenges was deciding how to distinguish the Tablespoon from the teaspoon. We tried everything from ovals to squares to triangular shapes (since a Tablespoon is 3x the volume of a teaspoon), and finally settled on the rotated square to represent the Tablespoon. Another design breakthrough was when Brandon suggested making the quarter teaspoon the width of the handle.”

Great for Kids

With baking on the rise for everyone and kids participating more than ever, visual measuring tools have been a popular hit with young cooks and bakers. Fractions are a lot less complicated when you can see them in action!

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