This textured wall clock uses dynamic shadows that make its appearance change as the day passes

Sundial, meet the modern analog clock!

Inspired originally by how shifting shadows were used to tell the time back in the ancient days, Sasha Torgova’s “Wall Clock” uses a unique textured clock face to emulate the same phenomenon. Place the clock on a wall that receives daylight and the clock’s face changes as the sun rises or sets. Sure, the hands on the clock tell the time, but the dynamic shadows on the clock’s face tell a story of timekeeping too!

Designer: Sasha Torgova

The clock’s texture is directly informed by Sasha’s love for Origami and industrial design. It’s the perfect melting pot of sorts, as the wall clock uses a bit of both. The texture on it was first arrived by experiments with folding paper, before Sasha decided to cast the final clock face out of concrete. The texture has more depth towards the edges, and is shallower towards the center, allowing the hands to move around unencumbered. “When natural light changes, the perception of the clock changes as well following the difference in shadows from the voluminous surface of the dial”, said Sasha.