This secluded alpine home comes with three distinct pod-shaped living spaces

Designed as a series of alpine ski-lodge villas for guests looking to live in the lap of luxury on the mountaintops, the ‘Secluded’ glamping cabins come with a unique design that quite literally allows you to have a stunning view with each room. The three-pronged architecture presents a unique benefit, with each room having a full view of different sides of the mountains. With each room angled ever so slightly, they face in different areas, allowing you to see potentially both the sunrise and sunset rather well!


The Secluded lodge is best described as looking like a ‘W’ from up above. The three main rooms – a living space, bedroom, and bathroom, connect to a lobby-space in the center, with doors to enter the property sandwiched between them. All of the lodge’s individual rooms are at an elevation, giving you a view that’s absolutely uncompromised even with heavy snowfall while also ensuring that you feel like you’re floating above the natural beauty around you.

What’s remarkable about the Secluded ski-lodge is its unique approach to architecture. Steering clear away from the traditional archetype of a cabin in the mountains, this lodge boasts of a contemporary minimalist design that nods to the future. The facade is made entirely from metal sheets painted black (for aesthetics and a fair bit of insulation), while windows on the lodge’s rooms extend from top to bottom and left to right without any seam or parting line. The massive glass panel provides a jaw-dropping panoramic view of the mountainside and the fact that the rooms are elevated means people can’t necessarily peer into your private space. All they really would see is the ceilings.