A Compact, Chonky & Contemporary Furniture Collection Designed for Modern Office Spaces

Slowly but surely most of us have made our way back to commercial offices, and it is a transitionary phase where we’re learning to adapt and settle down in an office environment all over again. In such a situation, it’s essential to add well-designed furniture pieces that help employees feel comfortable, safe, and motivated in their workplace! And, adding the right furniture designs can majorly contribute to creating an office that is conducive and complementary to motivation and productivity. And a furniture collection that would make an excellent addition to modern-day office spaces is ‘Beam’ by Nienkamper.

Designer: Nienkamper

Nienkamper’s Beam is a furniture collection that will instantly put a smile on anyone’s face! This collection of seating and table designs is compact and curvaceous, with an almost chonky aesthetic that invites you in at once. The collection is casual and playful, while also managing to have a low carbon footprint! It includes a single lounge chair, two-, or three-, seater and they’re meant to be combined to create dynamic and playful combinations that can be customized to specific work environments.

The soft upholstered seating elements are supported by an exposed wooden beam that can only be viewed from the side of each piece of furniture. This exposed wooden beam adds a minimal and warm element to the design, creating a fun and whimsical interplay between materials and textures. The Beam collection also includes a trio of cute and compact tables that are made using wood veneer with a low-sheen finish. The casual yet contemporary coffee tables have intriguing geometric forms, that are accentuated by vivid 3-inch-thick tabletops, that balance the entire design. The tables can be placed together to create a neat little nest of tables, or they can be placed by themselves. They also provide the option of integrated power forums for advanced functionality. The Beam tables are available in standard Nienkämper veneers or P-Lam finishes.

All in all, the Beam collection is a far cry from the boring old furniture we see in typical offices. It is a fun, casual yet contemporary range of furniture designs that will elevate the vibe and aura of commercial offices by manifolds!