Tactilely control multiple Adobe softwares with this physical editing console!

For photo editors like me who are total beginners, the max to max we really need to do is probably resize a couple of images on Adobe Photoshop CC, however for professionals who spend hours on the Adobe CC suite, streamlining their creative workflow and customizations become a high priority. Finland based company Loupedeck has just released its latest creation the Loupedeck CT (Creative Tool), targeted especially at content creators working in photography, video, illustration, and music. Loupedeck CT claims to be “a powerful, adaptable and custom console that puts the best of all your design, music, and editing tools and software at your fingertips”. It promises to take personalization a notch higher by placing all your preferred tools and software right at your fingertips!

Designer: Loupedeck

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Crafted from premium quality aluminum, and power-packed with effortless touchscreens, LED backlighting and machine-quality ballbearings, the Loupedeck CT is a sleeker and upgraded version of its plastic predecessors. It natively supports a number of creative applications including Adobe Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Ableton Live. However, it doesn’t stop right there! Autodesk Fusion 360 will be added to the ensemble by the end of 2019, with many more exciting additions planned for 2020.

However, the CT’s ability to adopt customization is brilliant! To streamline and simplify your work, the CT comes with a set of preset workspaces to fasten the editing process completely. The preset options include everyday functions like retouching, color grading, editing, etc. The circular and square keys are used to access the preset workspaces. However, you can personalize all the knobs, touchscreens and the wheel according to your personal preference!

“With color-coordinated customizable buttons, dials and touchscreens, you can create as many workspaces as you need. You can break them down by editing stage, project type or however you like,” says Loupedeck. The top half of the console is at your mercy, you can add and edit functions as you like. The touchscreen, knobs and the wheel are completely customizable. A huge touchscreen wheel functions as a display for controls, however, you can twist it around to easily adjust images and fast forward through music tracks as well. A detachable USB cable as well as Bluetooth connectivity (compatible with IOS and Windows) makes the editing console super portable!

The Loupedeck CT’s customizable UI is a sigh of relief for all the professionals who spend hours performing the same old tasks. The couple of seconds and minutes that are saved up, add up to major hours of time preserved in the long run. Loupedeck CT is a highly niche product curated for a specific user base, but for everybody in the creative industry who dedicate weeks to editing, know what a lifesaver this product can be! The potential is unlimited, with the amount of effort being reduced tremendously!