Beach accessory collection can also be used in the city

If you don’t go to the beach often, you probably do not invest that much into buying beach accessories that are meant only to be used occasionally. But what if it’s something that you can use both when you go on your seaside vacations or when you’re just living your life in the concrete jungle? And what if they’re actually well-designed and even better, what if they sport an eco-friendly and sustainable design? This collection is all of the above and may interest both casual beachgoers and city living individuals.

Designer: William Ellery by Trevor Davis

The Beachcomber Gear is a collection created in small batches for those who would like to have beach accessories that they will also be able to use even when they’re not by the sand and the sea. The collection is made up of two items for now although they will probably be adding even more items later on. Not only are these multi-purpose accessories, they are also created from sustainable materials like vintage materials or garments that are also meant to last long.

The Seatpack is an inflatable chair that you can use to hang out by the sea if you prefer not to have the sand creeping into your unmentionables. It is meant to be used around sand and water and not have that much wear and tear on the beach, including protection from rust. It actually has a fabric anchor so it will not be easily blown away if the wind is strong. It’s portable and easily inflated and deflated and has a nylon tensioning strap to adjust firmness. And if you’re not at the beach, it can be used as an extra seat in your living room, bedroom, or even office space.

The Beachcomber Bags have a water beading mesh so it can protect your belongings from sand and water but is also not that transparent unlike other beach bags. This means it can also be for every day use in case you feel like having a beach-like aesthetic when going to the mall or even for your school or office needs. Having things that can be used not just for the beach but also for when you’re not on vacation will help reduce waste and consumption.