Electric Folding Bike Goes Zoom Zoom

The CYOOO is pedelec bike, a neologism for electrically assisted pedaling. Helps with difficult rides when you need that extra boost or when you’re just too lazy to bother but the other interesting tidbit is the unique folding mechanism. The saddle folds down, the head tube collapses inwards, and the handle bars rotate 90 degrees. Make no mistake this is a full 20″ bike so the folding feature makes it a bit more manageable.

The geometry of the frame is based upon the classic diamond frame. To integrate the pedelec components (electric motor, rechargeable battery, control electronics etc.) the frame of the bike is made up of two parts, the outer skin and the inner construction. The outer skin is laser cut out of aluminum and molded into shape. The inner construction consists of hard plastic. Ribbing inside gives stability and a balanced weight ratio. The outer skin, the inner construction and the axis holders are bonded.

Designer: Andi Klug


CYOOO -  Folding Cycle Concept by Andi Klug