Cleverly designed dual-sided shower scrubber comes infused with charcoal for healthy skin

With a dual-sided design that lets you choose between a softer massaging side, and an effective exfoliating side, the Shower Scrubber comes from the folks at Casamera, who shook up the industry with their ridiculously comfortable and absorbent bath towels and robes earlier this year. The Shower Scrubber comes with a radical new redesign, sporting a honeycomb pattern on one side, to open your skin pores, and a walnut-shell textured surface on the other side, for scrubbing off dead cells to leave your skin shining. The sponge is made from a soft, absorbent, naturally occurring Konjac root (used for centuries by the Japanese to bathe young babies), and comes with a choice of 5 different infusions, from activated charcoal to clear your skin, to matcha, known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Designers: Omar Bugaigis & Suliman Elrayes

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While Konjac sponges aren’t new (the internet’s absolutely littered with them), the Shower Scrubber unlocks its true potential with its design and the various infusions. The large guitar-pick-shaped design comes with a honeycomb texture on one side, inspired by Casamera’s waffle-textured towels. The honeycomb texture helps gently massage and pamper the skin (especially around the face), open the pores, and more importantly, is incredibly effective at building up a lather. The other side, however, is a textural contrast, as the sponge comes with particles of walnut shells suspended within the surface, offering an exfoliating experience that’s great at removing dead skin on your body to reveal shining, supple, radiant skin underneath.

Gentle Side – Use the front honeycomb texture for the most gentle applications like your face and nose area.

Exfoliating Side – The reverse side utilizes a greater concentration of natural walnut shells to buff away dead and dry skin cells.

Unclog your pores especially with oily and acne-prone skin.

Scrub away pain-free.

Moreover, the Shower Scrubber wholeheartedly trumps your boring bath loofah with its infused variants. The Shower Scrubber comes with 5 infusions to choose from – Activated Charcoal, Red Clay, Peppermint, Matcha, and Walnut. The infusions work in different ways, providing various benefits, from oil control to anti-microbial properties and even skin rejuvenation with minerals and Vitamin B. Moreover, unlike most bath sponges that are made with synthetic polymers, the Shower Scrubber is completely natural, making it much gentler on the skin while also allowing it to easily biodegrade when disposed of. Grab a Shower Scrubber for an early bird price of $10 using the link below.

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