SüpKüp traveler coffee holder keeps your drink hot and safe

Having a reusable coffee mug is of course earth-friendly but it’s not always the most convenient. For one, you have to always clean it before putting it in your bag and there’s not always a place to clean it after you’ve finished your caffeine fix. During the pandemic, some coffee shops (including Starbucks) stopped pouring coffee into your personal mug, understandably due to public health reasons. So this “no mess traveler mug” concept is pretty interesting and may be more convenient for coffee addicts always on the go.

Designer: Quinton Casburn and Sean Tipton (Nobot Labs)

The SüpKüp is a travel mug that is not really a mug in itself but serves more as an alternative to the disposable paper coffee sleeves. It is able to hold the paper cups (medium and large at least) that most coffee shops provide, including the still pretty popular Starbucks. It is made from durable polycarbonate and has a pretty elegant and minimalist design that can still display whatever cup is snugly placed inside. This holder doesn’t need any liquid transfer or constant cleaning that’s why it’s more convenient.

Aside from just holding a coffee cup, SüpKüp has an airtight seal when you place the coffee cup inside. It’s similar to those popular double-walled and insulated bottles that everyone seems to have now. This means that your hot drink can remain hot for longer, 50% longer, than when you just hold your paper cup. It also has a double helix screw ejector that lets you eject the cup when you’ve finished just by twisting the rotating base.

This is not just technically a concept as they are crowdfunding it and launching as a limited edition all-clear design on Kickstarter. There will be black, white, and green color variants when it launches and users will be able to personalize and customize it. The cup holder can also hold an Apple AirTag so if you’re like me that constantly misplaces things, you can keep track of it. As a coffee addict and a constant traveler, this is something I will definitely find useful.