Wishbone-shaped chocolate piece allows you to interact and play with the popular dessert!

With the playful, fun appeal of a fortune cookie, Wishoco is a wishbone-shaped piece of chocolate that kids and adults can play with before eating. The rules are simple. Two people grab one end of the wishbone each and snap it. The person with the bigger piece wins and their wish gets granted. The game was originally played with the wishbone found inside a chicken, although this chocolate variant is much more fun, guilt-free, and vegan-friendly!

Designer: Louis Richard Marschal

Wishoco brings an element of interactivity to chocolate in a way that’s comparable to how KitKat and Toblerone have their own signature designs and user experiences. However, there’s a game associated with the Wishoco which involves making a wish or even a bet. The winner is the person left with the larger chocolate piece!

An important aspect of the Wishoco is that it can only be made using tempered chocolate. Un-tempered chocolate won’t snap the way you expect a bone to snap, but will rather just softly break like a cookie. The Wishoco’s requirement aligns almost perfectly with dark chocolate, which snaps rather wonderfully well as compared to milk chocolate. Designer Louis Richard Marschal has, however, experimented with white chocolate too!

Vacuum-formed molds to make the Wishoco