Watch bracelet concept is a minimalist accessory for a fashionable evening

Ever since I started using a smartwatch, actual watches and sometimes even bracelets aren’t such a priority for me anymore. But every once in a while, I do like taking this gadget off and wear more decorative stuff. I like accessories that are pretty unique or conversation starters so I like looking for indie designers that have these kinds of creations. I’m not much of a watch connoisseur so I also just go for cheap ones that have a unique design as well.

Designer: Roman Nurbaev

This design for a bracelet and watch in one seems right up my alley, in terms of what I’m looking for both. In fact, you can even choose to wear it as just a bracelet if you don’t need something to tell you time (since your phone is there already if you need time). The “strap” are two gold (or gold-colored) rings that aren’t perfectly circular. They have a slight dip or curve so they’re actually pretty interesting if you just use them on their own. Well, that’s if you like minimalist accessories of course.

But if you want to use it as a watch, the bracelets serve as the straps and the circular part is obviously, the watch. The hours are show on the biggest surface while the minutes are in the innermost dial and the seconds are in the outermost. I’m not exactly sure how it will work as the product renders don’t really show the mechanics of it all. As someone who prefers my watch to show just the digital time instead of the analog, I’m not such a fan of that.

But design-wise, it’s really pretty and dainty so if you’re into minimalist design, this might appeal to you. I’ve gotten used to my clunky smartwatch so having something so pretty on my wrist will be pretty different but if someone gives me this watch bracelet, I wouldn’t mind wearing it every once in a while. Now the time-telling part that will be a challenge though.