Safer Plastic Money

In my part of the world, Credit Card scams are an everyday occurrence. So the companies have gotten smart and allocate us a one-time-pin (OTP) for online shopping but still have to wise-up to forgery and misuse in the physical world. Safe Card is a protective option that allows you to use a Credit Card only after you unlock it with a password. Offering a second tier of security is the option to enter the exact amount to the card interface, so that only the specified amount is charged.

I just feel that you can’t be too safe with plastic money, heck I even have an opaque tape hiding my CVV number!

Designers: Kyoung Mo-baek, Won Park-jang & Hyunwoo-jang


  • Stephen Russell says:

    Bring this to US banks IE Chase, Capital One, etc
    Beats the one Ive got now.
    Test in the US.
    Revise PW for User IE cat name, first home etc
    that NO ID thief would know.

  • Jimmy C says:

    This is a good start to fixing these problems. But it’s not perfect yet. It could still be hacked if someone tried hard enough.

    • Dev says:

      *Anything* can be hacked if someone “tried hard enough.” Introducing an extra layer of security such as this would simply reduce the number of succesful identity thefts by, presumably, a significant percentage. Lengthening the number of required characters in the the password would geometrically reduce that number, assuming there is no other method of accessing the information on the card. Polarizing the screen for a narrow field of view and introducing a scramble-pad interface to prevent “shoulder surfing” would make it pretty close to perfect.

  • secretmanofagent says:

    This was designed. In 2006.

    Cute, though. I’m sure the renderings make you feel warm and fuzzy.

  • Boxhead says:

    Password protecting a card, so you can swipe it into something that already uses a password (card swiper). 9/10 people will use the same pin for both, that isnt secure.

    There are far better concepts in the world of electronic security in prototype stages including built in random autheticator password cards that are far superior.

    Then to top it all off they completely ruined it by making the card transparent and the numbers easy to see. The reason the numbers on a credit card are reflective and indentented into current cards is so they are impossible to read at a distance… this design throws that away, and make the numbers big bold and viewable from any angle *facepalm*

  • Matthew says:

    I like the design, I like the use… But this will never work, happen or be even created, well not in this way…

    Yes it’s great that it adds an extra layer of security onto your card, but must it be done like this. How much is this gonna cost, I’m sure banks won’t be handing them out for free and getting a replacement will cost you. It’s a screen that’s touch sensitive. Where’s the battery, circuits, how long would it last, and what do you do when you need to use it but the batteries dead. That’s the great thing about a normal plastic card, they don’t need electricity to work…

    Once the technology is advanced enough and cheap enough for this to be made viable, it won’t just be a credit/debit card. More likely a mobile phone, that you can also use to make payment (which some phones allow you to do now and even add passwords to access the phone and another for the cards)…

    This is nice, really nice, very simple, and I like what you’re trying to do but you it will never be feasible, well not in a next few years…

  • fnek says:

    goooooood idea!!!

  • Been listening to house for over a decade and this is proper, proper house; groovy,
    banging and intelligent with a great flow and a great atmosphere.

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