These eco-friendly geodesic domes in Patagonia deserve to be your next glamping destination

If you love glamping and are looking for a true blue glamping experience with a hint of sustainability, then we’ve found your next glamping destination for you! Located in the heart of Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park is Cascada Expediciones’ EcoCamp Patagonia – a luxury resort consisting of charming domes that draw inspiration from the ancient dwellings of the area. And not to mention, they’re as green as they can get.

Designer: EcoCamp Patagonia

EcoCamp Patagonia is the epitome of eco-friendly glamping! The geodesic domes run on renewable energy and are designed to create the most minimal impact on the landscape. These sustainable domes offer an enchanting view of the stunning Andes landscape.

The domes subtly pop out of the foliage and usually come in four models – Standard Dome, Superior Dome, Suit Dome, and Suit Dome Loft. The Standard Dome is a compact yet cozy space with a large comfy bed, and a skylight! You can fall asleep while gazing at the stars. The Superior Dome is a larger room with a private bathroom with a composting toilet, whereas the Suit Dome includes a small sitting area as well. The Suit Dome Loft is the largest and can accommodate up to four people. It has a second floor, and a private terrace as well.

Besides the personal domes, the resort also features community domes. Community domes are great spaces to meet up with fellow travelers and interact. These domes include a dining room, a library, and a boutique to buy locally-sourced products from (Of course, all COVID-19 guidelines are followed).

EcoCamp is considered a leader in sustainable lodging, and besides its minimal impact design, the staff of the resort also attempts to raise awareness, and educate guests on how to take better care of the surrounding environment. EcoCamp also collaborates with local communities to help preserve Patagonia’s indigenous roots and diverse cultures.

If you’re looking for a sustainable yet cozy getaway in the wild outdoor, then EcoCamp is the place for you. It provides modern amenities in a glacial surrounding – hence truly bringing the word glamping to life!