Check out this nifty folding ironing table that mounts on the wall and lets you dock your iron

Meet the Pocket Plus, a ridiculously compact ironing board that opens out into a full-size ironing platform when you need, and folds up to about the size of a small backpack once you’re done. Designed to mount on any wall (or the inside of your closet), the Pocket Plus also gives you a place to stash your iron so you don’t need to go looking for it every time you want to iron some laundry.

Designer: Joseph Joseph

The Pocket Plus from Joseph Joseph makes the strong case that ironing boards shouldn’t be large and fiddly and cumbersome. Designed to be the antithesis to that massive fold-out table that either sits permanently attached to your wall or the large surfboard-ish device that you stash behind your washing machine, the Pocket Plus is tiny, easy to set up, and even stores your iron for you. Measuring just 45.5 inches in height when closed, the Pocket Plus opens into a large 90-inch-long ironing surface whenever you want, with fold-out legs that let you set up on any flat surface.

The Pocket Plus is perfect for most homes, although one would think that a compact ironing board is more small-home-specific. It just makes the entire ironing and storing process much more convenient, taking the hassle out of a rather boring and mundane task. Setting up takes mere seconds, and once you’re done, the Pocket Plus also ships with its own mounting bracket that lets you plug the board back on the wall when you’re done.

The fabric on the ironing board is removable so you can periodically wash it and maintain it. It even comes with a felt underlay that protects your clothes, and a waterproof lining that allows you to steam-iron your clothes without worrying about getting your table or the surface underneath wet!