A hair-dryer has no name

I don’t know who’s been sending out the memo to designers to redesign the hair-dryer, but boy have we seen some incredible concepts in the past year! The Nameless Hair-dryer adds itself to that list with its rather cool folding design that still manages to retain the hair-dryer’s cylindrical shape (something that’s pretty much axiomatic).

The Nameless Hair-dryer is called so because it doesn’t believe in associating to brands, or trying to create a perceived image with a product name. It’s nameless because the way the product looks and performs is brand enough for it. Made out of two simple cylindrical bodies that are connected at one end, the hair-dryer folds down when not in use, and when you want to blow-dry your hair, the handle opens up elegantly to reveal the hair-dryer’s iconic “7” shape. The grill on the back remains slatted, but the front has a rather hypnotic spiral detail on it, in a way indicating importance. What tops everything off is the fact that the hair-dryer is wireless, and comes with a snap-on plug that attaches to the base of the handle, powering the battery to full capacity in under 10 minutes, so you waste no time doing anything else but drying your hair, and probably admiring this work of art that is the Nameless Hair-Dryer!

Designer: Gong Yunji