Fishing rod with a GoPro mount lets you capture your high-adrenaline trophy catch on video

With a compact, flexible design featuring a coiled rod and an action camera mount, the is the perfect recreational fishing apparatus for all ages, experience levels, and weathers.

Measuring just 25cm (9.9 inch) in length, the scales down your bulky, expensive fishing rod into something much more compact and fun to use. Designed to be used by amateurs and experts alike, the fishing rod comes in 3 styles – the Dive Pack, the Spin Pack, and the Cast Pack that cater to the 3 different formats. All in all, the fishing rod can be used on land or underwater, and it even works with ice-hole fishing too!

Designer: Szabolcs Németh

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $99 ($30 off). Hurry, only 52/100 left!

Aside from being a versatile little cookie, the rods’ most anticipated feature remains the camera mount, which lets you fit an action camera onto your rod, to capture dramatic catches on camera. The rod’s ability to work on land as well as underwater makes this feat even more dramatic, and the camera mount can be rotated around the handle as well as angle-adjusted, giving you the perfect PoV to record your fishing expeditions!

Portable and Compact – Take this small device with you wherever you travel in the world. Deploy it anytime, anywhere.

Light and Strong – They use high-quality engineering polymers that are carbon fiber reinforced. Carbon fiber provides a 3x increase in strength over unmodified polymer giving these composites strength-to-weight ratios that are on par with metals.

Easy to Use – For underwater fishing (snorkel fishing), you don’t have to learn to cast. Just swim on the water surface and look for the fish team or just float and hang the bait until the fish arrive.

All Seasonal – Perfect for ice fishing, so their system can be used in all seasons.

The fishing rods come made from a combination of materials – stainless steel for the rod (lending the metal’s springiness to it), cork for a comfortable handle that’s also water-resistant, and carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer for the reel seat, giving it strength and stability without the weight. The rod also uses an SR60 reel that’s made of high-quality engineering plastic with metal components in stainless steel and aluminum.

When completely assembled, the rod measures 60cm/24-inches in length and depending on the style of rod you chose (Dive, Spin, Cast), your fishing rod can weigh between 2.54 – 5.75 ounces (72g – 163g). Designed to be affordable, the rods start at $69 for the Dive Pack, $89 for the Spin Pack, and $99 for the Cast Pack, and support mounts for GoPro models from the Hero 3 to the Hero 10, and the DJI Osmo Action.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $99 ($30 off). Hurry, only 52/100 left!