The Tmall Genie dashcam puts an Apple HomePod Mini-inspired smart camera in your car

Sitting on your car’s dashboard like a little minion, the Tmall Genie Dashcam is a bunch of things – it’s a speaker, a voice AI, and a dashcam that captures your ride. Connecting with your existing Tmall Genie ecosystem, the dashcam can even detect when you get into a collision and contact emergency services for you, providing all the information to them on your behalf. The best part? It attaches to any car to uplift your driving experience – yes, even the non-smart ones.

Designer: Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co., Ltd.

The dashcam also serves as a smart speaker, which explains that rather familiar-looking colorful blob on the front. Almost looking like a HomePod Mini that’s been placed in your car, the dashcam lets you talk to it, tying into all of Tmall’s existing services. Connected to Chinese giant Alibaba, the Tmall Genie voice AI offers a wide host of functions that go beyond just ordering items or playing music. The voice AI also reads news and allows you to control aspects of your smart home, and with the dashcam, Tmall Genie gains importance in yet another aspect of your life. The dashcam can automatically identify driving conditions, capture and upload footage in the event of an accident (while summoning local authorities/services), and there’s even the option to have the dashcam automatically identify when you’re pulling into your garage and open the door or switch the home lights on at just the right time.

The Tmall Genie Dashcam is a winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2022.