Architecture meets stationery in this thatched roof pencil stand – the perfectly minimal desk accessory!

Got bored of the same old way of keeping writing instruments, business cards, or paper clips on your desk? Want a change from the age-old method of storing them in a stand or simply in the desk drawer? Then it’s time to make a refreshing shift to the very idea of having a small roofed house that displays your pencils and organizes your business cards, paper clips, or other small stationery desk items in the most soul-pleasing manner!

Industrial designer Jaekyoung Oh got the idea of pepping up the way we keep office supplies without losing the actual purpose and the essence. Keep enough pencils in the grooves of the (roof meant to hold the pencils/pens) and you’ll have a whole new roofed mini house on your desk. Take that obsession further and you can actually create a small town on your desk. Sounds liberating right? Other than that you can also keep the mini house minus the thatched roof to store paper clips, important business cards or other office essentials that are required on daily basis. So even a couple of these on your desk would be just right to get you into that productive working regime. After all, small things like these help you get in the zone, and perform at your best!

Alright if, I’m going way off the charts with the imagination, then to be a little subtle – the Small Town pencil and office supplies holder is a very unique way of keeping things on your work desk. It’s practical, looks good, and better than having the same boring accessories!

Designer: Jaekyoung Oh