Your AirPods Max are the inspiration behind these minimalist, futuristic chairs

Whether or not you are an Apple fan, you have to admit that the Cupertino company has cemented itself as a design giant. We’ve seen other brands and designers try to imitate or at least be inspired by the various smartphones, tablets, and other devices that the company has brought out over the years. And it’s not just the tech industry that admires Apple’s designs but also designers from other industries have come up with their own concepts based on Apple products.

Designer: Girelli Studio

Will we see the tech giant come up with furniture designs someday? Well for now it’s highly unlikely but if they get into it eventually, we have some samples of what they may look like, at least based on their current devices. Well in particular, we can imagine what an Apple chair would look like as a multidisciplinary design studio has come up with what they think that would look like. They were inspired by the Apple Airpods Max and came up with a pretty well-designed and futuristic-looking piece of furniture.

David Girelli said that he likes experimenting with designs for companies that aren’t yet into furniture and the Airpods Max is a good device to experiment with. What he came up with is a minimalist-looking chair that is heavily inspired by the headbands of the Apple device. The backrest is the one that looks like the headband and it does give off a comfortable vibe. The seat cushion is also inspired by the large ear-cups of the Airpods Max, adding to the softness and comfort that the chair gives off, despite the stainless steel parts.

The product renders also show off some more colors that also match the existing colors of the Airpods Max. It would be nice to see something like this in the market even though it will be highly unlikely that Apple would ever go into the furniture business.