Horde by Numbers

Got a lot of stuff? Can’t remember where you put the power cord for that mobile phone you never use? Well designer Pietro Arosio for EmmeBi has your number. He just might be one of the first designers to think of something so obvious it makes my brain ache. He put numbers on these lovely drawer designs, making finding your stuff that much easier. That’s it! Numbers! Genius.

Designer: Pietro Arosio [ Via: Design Milk ]


  • Brian says:

    Wow, next you’ll see people putting note cards into little slots on the front of the drawers with print that tells what’s inside! Seems like nice little knobs but I”m missing how this is an interesting concept.

  • Def says:

    Nice, you can make peoples like “Monk” crazy, if you reorder the drawers. If you are not in Numbers, you may color code them. Or if you a geek, you can use lcd’s which flash if you ask where you shorts are.

  • igreenspot says:

    I hate numbers, I failed my math class, can we just use alphabets ?

  • Iperpaolo says:

    ehm….bha, so you must remember a number instead of a position

  • dude from a booth says:

    i think using number still doesn’t help user much. he and/or she still have to remember number and item inside.
    after all, i’ve seen this similar concept in traditional chinese medicine retails. they use this concept to store their thousand and one items. 🙂

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