Your Backpack, Your Canvas!

You know how the apparel you wear are supposed to make a fashion statement? With the Manuable Backpack you can literally make a statement! Designed in white durable fabric, the backpack comes with a “communication kit” of various attachments featuring characters and emojis that can be placed around the canvas.

It’s no secret that we’ve become a more visual people. No one likes reading things that are too text heavy (ironically, I’m typing this in text); people are much more comfortable consuming videos, images, gifs, and expressing in memes and emojis. That fundamental direction of communication is what resulted in the Manuable Backpack, allowing it to not be just a functional luggage carrier, but rather a speech bubble, or an extension of your self.

The Manuable comes in pure white, making it a great canvas for whatever you want to place on it. It could be relevant messages (if you’re wearing this while cycling), or almost like your personal bumper-sticker, or locker, decorated with quotes, emojis, etc.

Before you express concerns about the whiteness of the bag, let’s have you know that the Manuable’s fabric is completely water-repellent! Which means it doesn’t stain or even retain drops of water, mud, or grime. The water-repellent, stain-resistant bag is also entirely machine washable. They say you can literally place the whole bag (emptied of its contents of course) into the washing machine and give it a good cleaning!

The Manuable bag may be white on the outside, but the minute you unzip it, you’re greeted with a fresh blast of color on the inside. We love this understated-outside yet vibrant-inside effect the backpack has. You can choose between orange, pink, gray, and blue interiors (although our heart’s set on the orange!). The backpack is equipped with a padded laptop slot and a set of stencils/sticker packs of your choice.

Manuable somehow fits into a Venn diagram that we’ve seldom seen before. It sits perfectly in the intersection between apparel and the future of communication. The reason it is so relevant is because the minute you look at the apps on your phone, you realize that emojis, gifs, and stickers have become a pretty much standard method of communicating now. Let’s celebrate that movement by wearing it on our sleeve! Or in this case, on our back!

Designers: Ubaldo Ortiz, Sara Wong & Claudio Tello








Chosen for its neutrality and durability. The ivory white backpack is made with water repellant and easy-to-wash fabric. Inner lining comes in orange, pink, grey or blue.


The Manuable Backpack should be constantly modified by its owner. Its design and construction is made for this.


Padded laptop compartment in the back for better protection.


Outer fabric is water repellant, abrasion resistant and easy to wash.