Cloud Camping is a glamping vehicle that may take you anywhere

You see an unidentified flying object about to land near the beach where you’re lying about sunbathing. You’re excited and at the same time nervous about what that vehicle will bring about. You’re already thinking about aliens or at the very least, a failed space mission that’s unexpectedly landing in your area. You wait with bated breath wondering what you’ll be encountering today. The door opens and out steps a group of friends wearing swimming outfits and getting ready to hit the beach. Welcome to the possible future of travel and leisure!

Designer: Leif Mortz for FH Joanneum Industrial Design

Cloud Camping is a concept design for a “camping” capsule that is not just for the camping grounds but even for the water and the air (when attached to a parachute-type structure). You don’t just get a simple tent or even a glamping kind of structure but a well-thought-out design for a capsule-type vehicle that is inspired by spaceships, balloons, and other luxury vehicles as well as the usual camping tent. It was designed for people who are looking for adventure, extreme kinds of vacations, and those that are fond of camping.

Inside it’s not just a big space to fit people. It actually has different rooms inside including a dining room that can be turned into a bedroom with a table and bed pullout, a bath, a kitchen, and seats in the living room area that can also serve as a viewing deck if you’re in the air or you have a great view. You can even “attach” your bicycle or surfboard to it so you can use in your vacation spot of choice. So based on this design, there’s no “roughing it out” in this camping structure but is more of a mini-hotel room that will let you still camp in style.

And because it is called Cloud Camping, this is also designed to not just stay on land but to actually be something that can be used on water and in the air. It’s still a design concept so I’m not really sure as to the mechanical side of it that will make it work on any of the surfaces that it can stay in and go to. But it is pretty interesting and might actually be the future of camping or traveling in case they are able to figure out how to actually make one.