The Ohhh Light

The title of this project is “OBO Light,” and a stranger shape for a lamp never have I had the pleasure of seeing. It’s a ring. Sort of an oblong ring that projects light in a rather unique way, shining in any of several colors up on the wall and thusly all around the room. If you’re like me, one of the main goals of your life is to achieve a fabulous purple or orange ambience in my workplace room. And, AND, it has the ability to be made of partly wood, plastic, metal, or junkfood!

*Not junkfood. Just metal, plastic, or wood.

LED lighting source, 1W per LED. Lifetime up to 25,000 hours. Powered by a battery. A rechargeable battery, with the ability to be recharged via electricity or the sun. Solar power!

Designer: Savvas Panagiotou

OBO Light by Savvas Panagiotou