Tiny cooking appliance can help you cook for one

A few years ago, most ads and marketing efforts for cooking appliances are mostly for families, specifically mothers. But now that we’re seeing a growing population of single people living on their own and cooking for themselves, we’re seeing a shift not just in the marketing but in the actual products being made for this specific market. We’re also seeing appliances now becoming more conscious about the effect on the health of those using them.

Designer: Yifeeling Design Lab

This latest product concept from Yifeeling is all about making cooking for yourself a part of your daily “ritual” and not just a chore you have to get through. Minepot looks like a food processor at first glance but it actually seems to be an air fryer or food fryer type of appliance. It is noticeably smaller than other similar kitchen tools and it is designed that way so that you not only cook for one but you are also able to have food intake that’s just right for you.

The design inspiration for this concept is to use hazy and mellow colors and in the renders it ends up as mint green but there also seems to be a light yellow version as well. The part where the food is cooked looks to be opaque or semi-transparent which should give you a good view of what’s being cooked inside. The idea is for this cooking or heating appliance to be part of your cooking and eating ritual especially as you’re preparing and eating just for yourself.

As one of those single people who live alone, cooking for one can often be a challenge. So having an appliance like this may solve a bit of the issues faced. Although in my case, it’s really more of an it’s-easier-to-order-out-than-cook type of thing and no cooking device concept can probably solve that, at least for now.