This R2-D2 like personal refrigerator can stock 60 soda cans!

If you live with roommates or siblings then at some point you will really appreciate having a personal refrigerator during this lockdown and it doesn’t hurt if the appliance looks like a modern version of R2-D2. Silo is a personal refrigerator that solves two of its predecessor’s biggest issues – either they take too much ‘personal space’ or they can’t hold enough of your stuff and this is no time to be judged on your snack stock.

This personal fridge is both, beauty and brains if I have to put it in the simplest terms. Even if you find a good enough mini-fridge, it will not look as cool as Silo with its sleek curves and minimal design. For its size, you will be surprised how much it can store in its 3 Lazy Susan shelves – 2 tubs of ice-cream on the first level, 36 soda cans on the second level and 15 wine bottles on the third level. It also has an in-built ice-maker that empty’s into a stainless steel bucket that can be used to keep your drinks cool when we are allowed to have gatherings like summer barbeque parties again! Silo gives us something to look forward to while making our time indoors equally happy.

Silo’s physical form radiates a joyful emotion about the product and makes you truly connect with it. The fridge itself is only 30 inches tall, which means it is tinier than R2-D2. The lights at the top and bottom diffuse effortlessly to add a touch of luxury to your surroundings. I am going to call this an essential appliance now. Silo’s cylindrical build optimizes space and storage for small living set-ups like New York apartments or college dorms. Silo fits seamlessly in any interior setting and probably even elevates it, it is a mini-fridge that you don’t have to hide but might want to if you have the best snacks.

Designer: Ken Kirtland IV