The Dual Mixer is here to save time, water and t-shirts!

Have you ever looked up a smoothie recipe online that claim they are ready in 2 minutes? It goes like – step 1: put ingredients in mixer and step 2: blend. What they forget is washing every ingredient before popping it in the blender which adds at least another 10 minutes. Our prayers have been answered and soon we will truly be able to make a smoothie in 2 minutes with this efficient dual mixer!

This ingenious product design not only saves time but also saves water with its ability to wash the ingredients before blending in the same container. Our human nature doesn’t allow us to stand over the sink for more than a minute and there is a good chance that the chemicals on our produce stick around. The Dual Mixer’s concept is inspired by the rotation method of the washing machine, both devices have the torque movements at their core. “Rotational power is running on the main unit as a conventional blender, the functionality enabled by dividing up and down makes it possible to turn the barrel upside down like an hourglass,” say the creators.

It is sustainable and stylish – a sturdy structure made with glass, rubber grips, brass thread inserts, and a steel-reinforced coupler. It also includes a pulsator and a cutting blade in its stainless steel body which makes it all the more durable. So, say hello to Clark Kent of devices, here to rescue the Louis Lanes of smoothies (and wet shirts that are casualties of rinsing over the sink) as it is literally saving your time, water and health!

Designer: Kyumin Ha