Reusable Seal Tray helps keep veggies fresh and reduce single-use plastic

Anyone who has ever cooked something knows that you are not always able to use all the ingredients you’ve cut up even if you try to buy the exact recipe. And when you store these left-over vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator, there’s almost always single-use plastic involved. Thinking of kitchen accessories to reduce the use of these kinds of plastics is something that product designers have been conscious about the past few years. Users are also now on the lookout for things that can make life easier and help reduce carbon footprint at the same time.

Designer: Blank (Shanghai) Co.,ltd for Lékué S.A

This Reusable Seal Tray is a food preservation tray that is simple yet highly functional. It is able to preserve your pre-cut food ingredients in your ref, reduce oxidation, and also prevent odor contamination by other stuff inside your ref. It has a sealing system with a 100% Platinum Silicone flexible sheet that will still keep various shapes and sizes of vegetables and even cheese and sausages. There is a disclaimer though that what you can store here are those that have just a little liquid.

You’ll be able to use it in two positions depending on the size of the items that you’ll store. You just have to turn the tray either way in order to fit either your thin slices or the bigger pieces that you need to preserve. You can also store different kinds of food and different sizes in just one container so you can get stop using single-use plastics and also organize the stuff in your ref as well. It’s also dishwasher safe and you just have to disassemble the Platinum Silicone sheet on top before cleaning.

Using it is pretty easy as well. Just open it with the front tab and then put the ingredients on the base of the tray, turning it over depending on the size. Position the lid with the silicone sheet on top and press until it is properly fitted to the base. It’s already ready for storing in the ref after you’re satisfied with the fit and it’s sealed properly. It just comes in a light green color as it’s probably the color most associated with freshness.

The Reusable Seal Tray got an honorable mention at the Design Intelligence Awards this 2022. If you have an innovative design for a product, you can click here to enroll it FOR FREE.