The Sunbeam Side Table mimics that special moment when sunlight spills through the clouds

Sunbeam Side Table Mark Mitchell Serafini 4

A side table’s primary purpose is to keep small things at home within easy reach. We often find at least one in the living room beside the couch or in the bedroom by the bed. It is often neglected, but it can be helpful for the temporary placement of everyday items. Many side table designs are available, and some are also multi-functional. Most options offer more than a simple table, but few may inspire people like the Sunbeam Side Table.

Designer: Mark Mitchell

Sunbeam Side Table Mark Mitchell Serafini 3

The side table doesn’t have to be an afterthought as it can also be a significant element to infuse style into any room. It can bring balance and harmony to an otherwise bland corner. The Sunbeam Side Table is a primal example of that.

Sunbeam Side Table Mark Mitchell Serafini

The furniture piece beautifully captures the natural phenomena called “rays of god” with its design and gives a peaceful, celestial mood. “Rays of god” are sunbeams that pierce through gaps in clouds resulting in sunlight shining in all directions. As the name suggests, they present ethereal and beautiful images in the sky. Like rays of god, the Sunbeam Side Table offers a sense of poetry and romanticism you don’t often see on other tables in the market.

Sunbeam Side Table Mark Mitchell Serafini 5

Sunbeam Side Table is created from a collaboration between designer Mark Mitchell and Serafini, an Italian company known for craftsmanship and tradition when it comes to marble production. This piece is made from a single block of marble, making it very sturdy and stable. The material is skillfully carved to hold eleven spruce wood “sun rays” extending from the top point, sans the need for any glue.

The “sun rays” of the table serve as the tabletop, casting radial-patterned shadows on the smooth, angled marble surface when lit from above. One drawback of this elegantly designed side table might be its functionality. Because there are gaps between the wood “sun rays” tabletop, if you put a small object on it, it might slip through.

Sunbeam Side Table Sketch

The Sunbeam Side Table evokes a distinct charm that can bring a ray of sunshine to your room and to your heart. It enlivens the space and leaves you an image of heaven with the clouds and sunbeams, at least for me. Of course, it has a bit of mystery, but it can inspire and tell people there is hope and that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Sunbeam Side Table Mark Mitchell

Sunbeam Side Table Sketch 2

Sunbeam Side Table Sketch 3