The iconic Eames chair gets a fun, playful, modern day redesign!

Charles Eames once famously said, “The most important thing is that you love what you are doing, and the second that you are not afraid of where your next idea will lead.” The quote is relevant today and so is the designer’s design philosophy that he implemented across his iconic chair designs over the years. Designer Bert Loeschner took inspiration from the Eames thought-process and their legendary shell chair to bring them to life in his own style with his ‘inspired by Eames’ collection!

Bert Loeschner is an expert in creating manipulated sculptural pieces, one of his favorite objects being a chair. The collection featured here today is labeled ‘Rocking armchair relation/ RAR’, taking the Eames rocking chair and replicating it on the other end, creating a modern-day seesaw. This reinterpretation takes a fun, playful yet memorable approach that is almost Newtonian in design. Resin, fiberglass, polyurethane, steel, and oak were used to create it with special attention to detail given to creating the fake vintage salmon style glass fiber. The seats feature two colors – salmon and seafoam and have been handcrafted with love. The design also utilizes self-produced shock mounts, stronger rodbases, and steambended oak rockers to maintain that precise balance.

The second interpretation by Bert titled ‘Representative’ features the RAR chair in an almost flattened form, to observe its impact on the society by a chair. As Bert explains “This rocking armchair, created from Ray and Charles Eames in the ’50s turned through time into an icon. Architects, Interior Designers as well as Product Designers use it as a timeless reference in renderings, photographs as well as in real settings. It is one of the most photographed chairs of our present. The chair in this certain perspective is built upon the first picture popping up when I googled RAR Eames. I printed that picture in real size and from this point, I recreated the chair as an icon using its original materials.”

Merging his fascination with recrafting chairs, the ‘Kim_K’ and the ‘Dead Sidechair Wood’ designs take an almost dystopian view of the humble chair, which seems in line with the reality we currently find ourselves in. One of a kind and iconic in their own way, each design by Bert Loeschner has us at the edge of our seat as we look forward to more spectacular creations!

Designer: Bert Loeschner


The design titled ‘Representative’ features the RAR chair in an almost flattened form, to observe its impact on the society by a chair.


The shell chair goes pop culture with a Kardashian-inspired makeover!

Dead Sidechair Wood

A direct statement to how nothing can take away from the beauty of the original design.