Samsung and Starbucks collaborated over coffee-cup-shaped Galaxy Buds… and I’m thoroughly confused

In a year filled with absolute absurdity, Samsung and Starbucks somehow managed to still top the list.

Words cannot espresso how confused I feel! Samsung and Starbucks just unexpectedly dropped a (metaphorically and perhaps literally too) hot new product – Cappuccino-inspired earphones. The ‘Latte Art Buds Case’ is the result of a Korea-specific collaboration between the two brands, and will be available to enthusiastic Koreans alongside a few other products including a more discreet-looking Galaxy Buds case with just the Starbucks logo, and a few smartphone cases (some with built-in Starbucks receipt-inspired smartphone grips). The showstopper, however, is the ‘Latte Art Buds Case’ – a Starbucks cup-shaped case that opens up to reveal two Galaxy Buds inside. Why this exists, I’ll never know. Why do I want this so bad, I guess that’s an unknown too.

Designers: Samsung and Starbucks

Clearly, the Latte Art Buds Case is meant to be some caffeine-lover’s tabletop swag. There’s no way that entire contraption will fit in your pocket easily, although looping a carabiner through the cup’s handle and securing it to your pant’s belt loop is certainly fathomable. The mini-cup comes in its signature white design, with the Starbucks mermaid logo on the front, and even latte art on the top for added realism… although given its size, just styling it to look like an espresso cup would work much better in my opinion. However, if you want to wear your love for Starbucks on your person instead of having these buds as simply a tabletop accessory, Starbucks and Samsung have a more pocket-friendly branded case with the Starbucks insignia on the front.

The price of this swag is still unannounced, although it will be available exclusively at select Starbucks outlets across South Korea in a limited capacity, so chances are you’ll need a whole latte luck to get your hands on a pair.