First Time Using the Apple Vision Pro: It Blew My Mind

From the moment I set my eyes on the Apple Vision Pro, the intuitive nature of its interface struck me. Controlling the device through natural gestures—like tapping fingers together for selection or pinching to zoom—felt like an extension of my own movements, creating a seamless user experience that was truly impressive. “Everything’s all eye track,” I marveled, amazed by the device’s responsiveness, which made every interaction feel intuitive and natural.

Designer: Apple

During the initial setup, the Digital Crown—borrowed from the Apple Watch—brought up the home view with a simple press. The blend of futuristic technology with familiar elements made the icons react as I looked at them, creating a magical experience. This immediate and responsive engagement reinforced the intuitive nature of the user interface. As I explored this advanced technology, I remember thinking, “I haven’t read any reviews on the Vision Pro, and that’s a good thing.” Approaching the device without any preconceptions allowed me to truly immerse myself in the experience.

As I navigated through a demo photo library, the ambient lighting dimmed, focusing my attention on images that transported me to places like Iceland and the Oregon coast, displayed panoramically. “That was so amazing,” I exclaimed, overwhelmed by the vividness and the immersive experience the photos provided.

Viewing spatial photos and videos added incredible depth to everyday moments. Watching a family birthday party captured with the Apple Vision Pro felt as if I stood among the celebrating children, bringing these moments to life. “So no one else can see this except you and me, huh?” I remarked to Avnish, my guide through this journey, who was able to see what I saw through an iPad. This added layer of interaction enhanced my appreciation for the technology as I watched a spatial video shot with the iPhone 15 Pro, captivated by the depth and realism.

The design of the Apple Vision Pro was notably sleek and modern, with a lightweight, comfortable frame suitable for extended wear. The minimal physical buttons enhanced its streamlined appearance, highlighting its advanced gesture and eye-tracking capabilities. A dedicated button for capturing spatial photos and videos added real-world interactions into vivid digital clarity, showcasing Apple’s meticulous attention to hardware design.

Manipulating my environment with a turn of the Digital Crown was particularly impressive. I could adjust my immersion levels from partial to full, exploring digital renditions of places like Mount Hood National Forest as if I were truly there. This smooth transition back to reality, while remaining connected with those around me, showcased the device’s seamless integration into personal and social settings.

Spatial multitasking introduced a new way to interact with applications, allowing me to manipulate windows in a spatial context as if handling physical objects. This dynamic, intuitive approach transformed traditional interfaces into a vibrant, three-dimensional workspace.

The entertainment capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro were striking. Watching 3D movies like “Super Mario Bros. Movie” and “Avatar: The Way of Water” transformed any space into a personal cinema. The high-resolution display and spatial audio created a viewing experience that far surpassed traditional setups. “That’s impressive,” I remarked, blown away by the depth and immersion of the features.

The Apple Immersive Video demo was a highlight, transporting me to the center of the action—flying over landscapes, diving with sharks, and standing on a soccer field. This segment was so engaging that I was left nearly speechless, managing only to say, “That was so amazing.”

An interactive session where a butterfly landed on my hand and a close encounter with a dinosaur showcased the Apple Vision Pro’s unique capabilities, blurring the lines between digital and physical realities. These experiences felt real and tangible, enhancing my appreciation for the device’s ability to create such vivid and interactive moments.

Finally, with the Apple Vision Pro, I got the chance to rehearse—well, more like pretend—to present Apple’s infamous “one more thing” on the stage of the Steve Jobs Theater. It felt so real that I almost waved to the nonexistent crowd! I’ve been to press events there before, but never on stage. The closest I’ve gotten was the last third of the theater.

Photo credit: YouTuber MKBHD demonstrates Keynote on Vision ProMKBHD on YouTube

After the demo—and yes, I highly encourage anyone and everyone remotely interested in spatial computing to visit your local Apple store—I had the option to purchase a brand new Vision Pro constructed right there. The Solo Knit Band, Dual Loop Band, and importantly, the Light Seal are available in size 21W, which fits me perfectly. Apple has streamlined the sizing process in the Apple Store app, which now includes a 3D scan of the face for a customized fit, guiding you through capturing the necessary facial dimensions.

The Apple Vision Pro demo was a breathtaking introduction to futuristic technology that felt straight out of science fiction. Its intuitive interface and gesture controls impressed me immediately, making every interaction feel natural and fluid. While the immersive experience of exploring vibrant, distant locales and engaging with life-like spatial videos was captivating, the demo ended too soon, leaving me eager for a more extended, immersive exploration with the Vision Pro. I’m looking forward to delving deeper into its potential in a longer session.