A More Humane Audio Headset

So you’re sitting there in a restaurant. You’re sitting there, eating sandwiches with some other people. And you’ve got ah… one of those crappy headsets on. It looks like a spaceship. But then you realize your madness. You realize you look like… a douche. So you seek out help. And you find it. You find the solution. It’s basically a beautiful earring. “Ripple Headset” designed by Ilya Fridman. Ill. Totally ill.

This beautiful earring attaches to your eat with the rubber earring clasp on the back. It’s activated in two ways: talk or listen. Flip down the microphone for the “talk” function, aka just like that wild, terrible headset your were wearing at the restaurant. Then there’s the “listen” function which makes it basically a music playa.

Cute, yes?

Absolutely lovely and beautiful, yes?

Designer: Ilya Fridman