Blume lets your plants bloom alongside trellis planter

Plant holders can be as simple as possible. You don’t really need to have it designed elaborately it since the plants that you’ll put there are most likely decorative enough. But of course you sometimes want to have something that is also pretty or at least interesting, even if it’s just something to hold or store your plant babies. And if you treat the plants as part of your home and your family, you’d want to have the best of everything for them, including a playful and customizable “place to let them grow and flourish”.

Designer: Nikki Alagha

This special planter called Blume is not just something that will house your plant or plants of the moment. It actually comes with a trellis that can be linked together according to your specifications and can “grow” alongside your plant. You can link the different parts with a threaded knob and they can go in all directions that you want, upwards, downwards, sideways, etc. A design like this actually makes it look like the planter is organic like your plant and can give them space to thrive other than the usual straightforward manner.

This planter is made from various materials. The base uses cement while the trellises are made from wood and the knobs are metal. The base planter is 8 inches high while the trellis can go as high as 30 inches depending on the design and style that you want. While the official photos show natural cement, white, and gold, there are also custom colors available if you want your planter to be more colorful and add to your plants’ natural greens and browns.

Since Blume is customizable and made-to-order, there is still a bit of sustainability at play since there is technically no mass production happening. The fact that you can also make it more personal can be more attractive for some plant parents that want to have more interesting accessories that can have an emotional value.