This minimalist single piece plywood table with storage makes for an undistracting workstation

When technology and designer creativity coincide, we are destined for a story that needs to be told. The first look at the Nook desk and you don’t conjure up a story; but on the second glance it definitely gets you into thinking, is that for real?

Not yet, the idea of conceptual designer Deniz Aktay is only a rendering of how a plywood table can be made interesting and multifunctional. The Nook desk right from its appearance and thereafter, has a story of material molding, matte finish, and a simple idea that’s still more than an ordinary desk. The Nook desk surface, and nifty selves at the edges, hold key to the table’s idea of maximizing productivity with minimalistic use of material.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

New desks surfacing on our computer screens day in and day out are generally drenched heavily in the wave of maximizing gadgetry on the tabletop courtesy of cable organizers, built-in wireless chargers et al. Atkay keeps it simple and undistracting. His idea of a desk will therefore not revibrate with most hybrid/work-from-home taskforce. However, if you’re someone like me who loves the desk clear of clutter and only wants a book or two in close proximity; this is where the search can end.

Much more than just another ordinary table to work on, Nook desk’s personalized design aesthetics shall help you have most of your reading/writing material well within your reach – cluttering the table surface to the minimum. The personalized design is achieved by separating multiple layers of plywood at the edges of the table, creating storage layers on the bottom of the tabletop. This sectional design and single-use of the material make two aspects likable about the table: it is more stable and better organized to enhance user productivity.