Alo Smart Healthcare Assistant monitors the staff’s health and wellbeing

Healthcare in some parts of the world is falling, but it doesn’t mean we should lose hope because plenty of solutions can be implemented. Doctors, nurses, medical researchers, and scientists aim for efficiency and quality, so they want to keep up with technology. Advancing in the medical field and industry allows them to provide the best healthcare possible. But while these professionals do their part by expanding their knowledge and expertise, they need people to look after them too. They need to care for themselves to ensure they can also give the best care to the patients. Unfortunately, some doctors and professionals take things for granted, so they need must be reminded. Perhaps the Alo can help them as intelligent healthcare assistants as long as they wear it all the time.

Designer: Harry Rigler

Alo Smart Healthcare Assistant Harry Rigler How It Works

The Alo is an innovative accessory that acts as a healthcare assistant, ready to check a person’s O2 saturation, skin temperature, heart, and even GPS. It was designed to check and track the health and wellbeing of the clinic or hospital staff to ensure they stay healthy. This Alo smart device uses sensors and AI pattern recognition to check on the healthcare professional’s well-being. With the data and information gathered, the hospital management may act to reduce the workload of the nurses and doctors. If high pressure or high workload is detected, the person can assign other work or tasks to any available staff.

The Alo Smart Healthcare Assistant is meant to be worn by a medical professional all the time. It can be clipped onto a pocket or collar for easy access and efficiency, with a small screen showing a smiley face. It will remind you a bit of a kid-friendly smartwatch because of the design and the color of the handle. It appears with a simple and subtle facade that is easy to use and understand. We can imagine seeing this clipped onto a doctor’s white coat, ready to give a smile to a patient. It features a sensor that magnetically attaches from the other side of the clothing, resulting in a simple and clean look any user can enjoy and rely on.

Alo Smart Healthcare Assistant Harry Rigler Features

Designed by Harry Rigler, this healthcare smart assistant concept has the potential to become the next big thing to a smartwatch. The Alo Smart Healthcare Assistant and a fitness band are similar in many ways but we know the Alo can offer more to health, fitness, and wellbeing. It’s only a concept idea, but we imagine something similar will be introduced and actually used by the doctors.

Alo Smart Healthcare Assistant Harry Rigler Concept

Alo Smart Healthcare Assistant Harry Rigler