Go Ahead And Pick A Light

Picking fruit from a tree could be a metaphor for recharging and reusing. This hollow steel tree is exactly that. It charges three pear-shaped lights that can be picked off for use. They’ll stay illuminated for an hour and when you’re out of “juice”, just put them back on the tree.

Designer: Nick Foley


  • gigi says:


  • Sabina says:

    How do you replace the lightbulb, though? I want one for my living room! Where can I find it??! Is there a cheaper version in Ikea?

  • jkillah1 says:

    This is very cool, and would make a great conversation starter at a party. Hopefully the light bulbs are made so that they can withstand dropping since they seem to only be supported my magnets (?).

  • 이지혜 says:

    배가 먹고싶게 만드는 조명이군요 ㅋㅋ

  • 이지혜 says:

    배가 먹고싶게 만드는 조명이군요 ㅋㅋ

  • Very very cool! I love it!

    Thanks for sharing, bit of a weird tree i must say.

  • Very very cool! I love it!

    Thanks for sharing, bit of a weird tree i must say.

  • barry solomon says:

    this is fantastic. you could do this with all sorts of trees, or just have different fruit for your one tree. So if you wanted apples, you could stick apple on, or different color pears, or whatever, little people growing on trees.

  • mm selim says:

    Good lit and good deigning .is deign lick a riyal art.i hop all work is help us .

  • Jason says:

    this could be difficult to pack and deliver

  • xXblahXx says:

    i have a concern for little kids (and adults, but more so toddlers): the ends of the branches look sharp. what if someone walks into it and pokes their eye out?

    PS – Are those pear lights hot when you pick them off? I don’t want to burn my hands…

    But that is REALLY cool! 😀

  • Bec says:

    Anyone know where I can get this? It’s so beautiful!

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