Table on Tight

Turn your vast collection of table leaf and board fragments into a lovely table miracle with “Grip,” a fabulous new solution by a couple of genius designers working for Bloomming. All it really is is a set of four table legs capable of gripping and screwing down tight onto a piece of wood with a very familiar screw-tight contraption. You can use your own wood or choose from a selection of bamboo boards also available from Bloomming. It’s ecologically responsible!

They’ve got so much bamboo for you! Natural Density, Natural Sidepressed, Caramel Density, Caramel Sidepressed, Caramel Plainpressed, and Sidepressed Thermo. All you could ever want! Change your table top for each day of the week, new guests, or seasons of the year. All carried nice by Grip.

Designer: Bas van Leeuwen & Mireille Meijs for Bloomming