Viola the Tilting Chair by Peter Opsvik

The tilting concept used in these chairs has been awarded The Nordic Design Award “Nordiska Designpriset”, at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2007. The concept allows for entirely new possibilities for movement by means of the controlled torsion twisting of laminated wood. Precise cut-outs create the desired dynamics in the back and seat of the chair. As a rule, the technique behind forward and backward tilting chairs lies hidden in mechanical devices and mechanisms. With this concept, laminated wood does the entire job. Cut-outs in the chair seat regulate the tilting motion and resistance of the entire chair. Cut-outs in the chair back allow yield in the upper back of the chair when pressure is applied. This provides better curvature and support for the lower back than is possible to achieve with traditional, double curved laminated wood.

Designer: Peter Opsvik


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