Pendant lamp sees light bulb enveloped by plexiglass

I’m not very particular when it comes to choosing lights for my house and most of the time, they’re there already anyway. As long as it gives me illumination in places where I need it, I’m okay with it. But if given the chance to choose light fixtures for my own, I’d like to have some of them to be pretty decorative as well. There are a lot of product concepts for lamps and lights are pretty interesting if they do become available as actual products you can purchase.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

The Nested pendant lamp is a pretty interesting design that makes it look like the light is “captured” inside a fixture. The concept is simple enough: put a light bulb in between two plexiglass sheets. Make it a semi-transparent kind of glass to give it even more of a different kind of look as compared to your ordinary light fixtures. The choice of materials for the design not only holds the bulb in position but it also diffuses the light that comes out so it doesn’t become too bright or blinding.

The product renders show two colors available: green and brown. These may be the best light colors to have on semi-transparent plexiglass. The light bulb is enveloped between the two sheets but part of the glass is molded to the bulb so it doesn’t look flat. You can hang it onto the ceiling and the fixtures match the color and design of the pendant lamp as well. You can have several of the lamps together for a chandelier-type design.