Bedside table designed with a detachable laptop tray lets you store devices, cords, books

There have been a lot of studies, mental health infographics, and memes that tell you to not take your smartphone or any other device to bed. But really, how many of us actually do that? So yes I admit I’m one of those who tried being gadget-less as I lie in bed and I lasted less than a week. And along with laptops and tablets and smartphones come the tangles of cords and chargers. So for people like me who can’t live without them, the next problem would be a side table that can handle all of that.

Designer: João Teixeira

For those who don’t have actual side tables in their bedroom, the next best thing would be a chair or stool. That became the inspiration for the design of this bedside table called Mate. It is designed to look like a stool but its main purpose is to store all of the things that you “need” before you sleep and that includes devices. The top view actually looks like a breakfast tray or a laptop tray that you would use to eat or work (or both) in bed. And yes, that is actually the other component of this clever design.

So you get a chair-inspired design for your bedside table with a minimalist but functional feel. Your laptop and other gadgets can fit at the top part and you can have other stuff like books, journals, and other bedside needs at the “shelf” at the bottom. It also has rounded corners and some holes where you can fit in your cords so you don’t get strangled by the tangles of wires that accompany your devices. You can also place a cup of coffee or tea at the top but for a clumsy person like me, that’s a pretty risky move putting them near devices.

My favorite part of the Mate bedside table is the slidable and removable table top. It contributes to the ease of managing your cables and cords but more importantly, it serves as a mini table when you want to work in bed. The removable part becomes a table tray for your laptop or your food, whichever you need at the moment. You get a multi-purpose piece of furniture beside you, even though you should be sleeping.