NikeCraft General Purpose Shoes always ready for everyday use

NikeCraft GPS Design

Ah, shoes, glorious shoes. Of course, nothing is going to stop us from getting a thrill over a new pair of shoes. Sneakerheads know the excitement of being shown a new pair, colorway, or iteration, especially if they are from a famous sports brand.

The NikeCraft lineup is getting a new addition in the form of the NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe (GPS). The new pair is described as an “Ordinary Shoe for Extraordinary People” as it can allow you to do everything, everywhere. The NikeCraft GPS celebrates a 10-year collaboration between Tom Sachs and Nike. This partnership has introduced several pairs already that offer new things for the future of sports and every athlete.

Designer: Tom Sachs

NikeCraft GPS X Tom Sachs Collab

If you are to own only one Nike pair, the NikeCraft GPS should be it. It lets you enjoy all your activities with proper support and comfort. This pair is really for everyday use as you can even call it your daily tool.

Nike and Tom Sachs have been designing shoes that have an appeal of a sculpture. Some shoes these days are designed just to look good, but this new pair is wearable and actually comfortable. In addition, the NikeCraft GPS comes in a remarkable shape. The upturned toe is very obvious but complements the shoes’ distinct profile.

NikeCraft GPS

NikeCraft GPS X Tom Sachs Collection

The NikeCraft GPS comes with an ultra-breathable knit, microfiber collar, and straps with a signature. The three-piece molded cup sole appears differently, but it makes the pair very durable. The sole system comes with a very durable rubber outsole, EVA foam core, and a soft rubber midsole. The outsole has been redesigned with a rubber waffle laden with the US Patent and NikeCraft logo.

The shoe design appears simple, but the NikeCraft GPS’ structure and engineering enable the necessary support and comfort. Speaking of comfort, the pair boasts a lightning-holed foam tongue package with a heat-sealed edge. The NikeCraft woven label is found underneath the tongue.

NikeCraft GPS Tom Sachs

Artist Tom Sachs has this to say about his collaboration with Nike: “It took me years to best advantage the superpowers of scale and to deliver value while still reflecting the standards of my studio. A great collaboration is something that no partner could do without the other, and NikeCraft has always been a 50/50 collaboration.” He described the pair as something with “an understated quality.” He also mentioned, “they’re meant to do all the things that you do and tell your story.”

NikeCraft GPS Sole

The NikeCraft GPS will be available in different colorways. The launch version, though, will come with a more neutral look and feel with a muted white upper, gum rubber midsole, and the blue donning straps. The pair will be available in Women’s and Men’s sizes with a $110 price tag. That is an affordable rate you can get at beginning the 10th of June.

As with some interesting pairs from Nike, the NikeCraft GPS becomes more beautiful over time. The shoes arrive in a custom box that features the NikeCraft logo. This Nike and Tom Sachs’ latest baby is expected to sell fast, especially with its price.

NikeCraft GPS X Tom Sachs