Bike in a Bag

One of the biggest problems with a bike is its portability. Ironic?! Right. You can’t carry the conventionally designed cycles in trains easily. It takes more than just some bend and shift to fold bikes and which is why we have a very new direction to the design with the Kit Bike. Designed to be a bike in a bag, the wheels and parts completely dismantle and pack into a backpack!


  • Built from simple twist joints and hollow tubes all mounted from one side.
  • Consists of simple twist joints that lock with aluminum hollow tubes using a specially designed key.
  • When not in use, the bike can be stowed in a stylish leather bag that is divided into 3 sections to store the 2 wheels on either side or the components in between.
  • The design incorporates 21 parts including tires, belt (drive belt), seat, pedals and locking joints.

Designer: Lucid Design


  • eddd222 says:

    you are missing one essential part of the frame. There is no connection between the seat and the crank. this would make the frame very flexible and more likely to break. other then that, nice idea, nice for backpackers

  • Diana says:

    too time consuming for me. I am not sure I would go for this.

  • Gina says:

    Interesting…but needs to be developed some more. It lacks the finishing touch.

  • Weekender says:

    This is interesting. i support the designer in the idea…very good concept indeed.

  • greg says:

    Neat idea…but can be tweaked here and there to make it a fully functional concept.

  • mike says:

    Smart idea…but will people find it worth their time and effort to assemble and dismantle a bicycle every time?

  • Henna says:

    portable bicycles! nice! i would totally go for this one…carrying your bicycle in a bag! nice!

  • heidi says:

    I think this is not a unique bike there are foldable bikes too…maybe such a foldable bike is a better option than one that requires assembling.

  • Shane says:

    very good idea…worth trying !

  • Jignesh says:

    Where do I buy it? and How much? I am in Wellington, NZ. How much would be the shipping cost?

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