Scandinavian Beauty on Your Wrist

Not everyone is an attention seeker. Not everybody dresses to impress. Not all attire needs to be strikingly different. They just need to connect with their wearer on a level that is somewhat spiritual, or emotional, rather than logical. Watches follow the same path. They don’t need to be ground-breakingly different, they just need to be expressive in a manner that resonates with the person who wears them. The E.C.A. Calypso Watch is, in that regard, a watch for the Scandinavian Design-loving purist. Someone who doesn’t believe in clutter, but doesn’t necessarily believe in hardcore minimalism. Scandinavian Design is characterized by a sort of visual perfection achieved through simplicity and sensibility, and the Calypso does just that. Unlike watches that try to either look Classic, or Sporty, or Edgy, or Minimal, the Calypso tries to look Balanced.

The Calypso comes with a Tonneau shaped frame, but a Round dial, allowing there to be a lot of breathing space around the watch’s face. This strikes a rather strangely calming balance between the watch’s dial and the metal around the dial, letting both have equal presence. Everything about the watch indicates symmetry, with the crown placement, the dial design, the hands, etc. Even the E.C.A. logo is symmetric! The watch comes with the dial having a beautiful blue vignette background and luminescent hands and stick markings, and a date window at 3 o’clock. Flip it over and you get to see the Swiss ETA 2824-2 Automatic movement through the exhibition back, sitting under sapphire crystal glass, which also covers the front of the watch.

The Calypso watch can endure up to 10 atmospheres of pressure or 100m water depth, given its robust build and the hermetical seal where the sapphire crystal glasses rest. The watch comes with fine calf-leather straps, as well as nylon straps, allowing you to choose your ‘flavor’ of watch design. A stainless steel strap is also in the works, say the people at ECA.

From its symmetric design, to its color and material choices, to even its simple (but not minimal) character, the Calypso achieves a balance that most watches tend to overlook in their quest for looking ‘different’. In doing so, the Calypso aims at connecting on a much deeper level with a majority of humans, who look to Scandinavian design principles to decorate spaces as personal as their homes. After all, a watch that sits on your wrist is possibly the most ‘personal’ of all!

Designer: Erik C Andersson

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Housed in the 40mm diameter case is a radial gradient dial. The color fading from deep to dark ocean blue with a semi-gloss finish. Housed on top are distinctive polished indices, filled with crisp white illumination, glowing ice-blue at night. On the inner end of the indices, a fine bevel reaches down towards the dial, resulting in a sparkling reflection. At 3 o’clock, you’ll find a date window cut in two layers.


The hands on the Calypso was originally designed for the E.C.A Bohuslän watch, where the skeletonized segment of the minute hand made it possible to view the dive bezel right thru. We liked the distinctive look and decided to save the hands for a future model. Turned out, roughly two years later and with appropriate customizing, the hands made a perfect complement to the Calypso, which marks the first customer-watch with hands like these. Of course, you will find the same B3 “ice-blue” illumination here as well.


Although a totally new design, the case has an iconic look to it. Robust, sporty, yet tastefully classy and perfectly suitable for your any day situations, both in durability and style. Made from sandblasted 316L stainless steel with carefully polished edges that run thru the case like the flow of water.


The movement has been regulated to top-tier accuracy and been equipped with our own, in-house designed rotor, presented in a trilogy of color treatments: rose-gold, stainless steel and chalk white. You will have as much time as you want to study the works of the movement thru the AR-coated sapphire crystal.



Click here to Buy Now: $900.00 $1900.00