This Sling is King!

The thing with EDC is that you’re expected to have the storage space for all those items you wish to carry. You need to pick your every day carry based on the number of pockets you have so there’s a dramatic difference in what you can carry the days you have extra pockets (wear a jacket, perhaps) versus the days you don’t. With EDC, estate is everything, and that’s what prompted the design of the bolstr 2.0.

Designed to be the cross between a bag and a holster (hence the name bolstr), the bolstr 2.0 is designed specifically for your EDC (Every Day Carry), and provides you with EDC too (Estate, Design, and Convenience). Just the perfect size for everything from your keys and sunglasses to even your tablet, the bolstr 2.0 is literally the perfect size. It doesn’t make you look like a heavy duty backpacker, while at the same time it eliminates the need for you to carry your bottle and tablet in your hands because you don’t have any place to stow them. The bolstr 2.0 provides a cushy place for every little bit of your belongings while minimizing the appearance of bulk.

Designed to ultimately feel bigger on the inside than the out, the bolstr 2.0 comes with separate compartments for your phone, wallet, sunglasses, change/airpods, and regular items. Made from ballistic nylon, the bolstr 2.0 resists abrasion and the regular wear and tear your other bags go through. Designed to be compact and comfortable, the bolstr straps around your shoulder and even comes with a waistband to keep the bag by your side at all times. Made with true ergonomics in mind, the bag comes in leftie and rightie variants with layouts custom tailored to both those kinds, allowing your items to be stored in a manner that’s accessible to you easily. A fidlock on the front gives you quick access to your belongings, while a stealth pocket on the back sits against your person, allowing you to store your phone in a configuration that’s virtually inaccessible to pick-pockets. Designed to be useful, compact, and understated, just like most of your EDC, the bolstr 2.0 comes in black, olive, and stone gray variants. Made to be compact (yet spacious), damage-resistant, theft-resistant, and even water-resistant, the bolstr was designed to be the first true EDC bag of its kind and the last EDC bag you’ll ever need!

Designer: Jay Yoo

Click here to Buy Now: $65.00 $95.00 *ships on Dec 18th!










Click here to Buy Now: $65.00 $95.00 *ships on Dec 18th!