Ultra Utilitarianism

BLANCORONIS and its unique accessory concept is utilitarianism at the highest level. The round bowl with steep bowl wall, base radius and large diameter are suitable for bulky cooking utensils. The accessories, a glass cutting board and a bridge with two dishes, can be rotated 360° so work can be carried out at any angle. One can comfortably work from the cutting board into the dishes. The accessory bridge can also be used to carry or to hold other kitchen aids, e.g. sieves.



  • Paul says:

    Very nice! Only one comment about the material of the cutting board — professional chefs and serious cooks all over the world know that glass is not a good material to be making a cutting board out of. It damages the edges of our expensive knives. The best materials are those that have a bit of “give” when the knife cuts into it, e.g. end-grain maple. A good compromise would be some kind of durable polymer.

  • Chris says:

    This is a phenomenal idea for those without much counter space (like me). When cooking a bigger meal, I sometimes have to balance the cutting board on the sink anyways as I just don't have anywhere else to put it. I'd be very interested in something like this.

  • yoshuawuyts says:

    Naah, still prefer the dishwasher/sink combo. Imho that combination made more sense (even though both concepts can be combined, evidentally.)

  • Mike Barnard says:

    This is pretty good. The material of the cutting board can be managed; that's materials science, not anything inherent in your design. The biggest problem is an aesthetic one. The bowls read as matching dog bowls: water and food. Consider changing sizes to big and little or different materials.

  • Grey says:

    Looks awesome, love the Salt & Pepper containers
    Awesome for confined spaces, similar have been done, also maybe ad a drip rack.

  • Lazaro says:

    I really love the design of the kitchen sink. It's fabulous!!!! That kitchen sink is very suitable for use by a professional chef but I also want to have the kitchen sink like that. How much is it cost?

  • Theremin Nipplecat says:

    Do we really need bowls for our sinks? I’m sure it got you a good grade at design school, but overall it’s a ridiculous concept. I am not impressed by polished utilitarianism.

  • Nancy says:

    This is stupid.. Put it on here with no place to buy it.. DAH

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