Ever wondered what Aquaman feels like? This electric pool-scooter gives you a taste!


You’ve got to give props to SWIMN S1 for making swimming even more fun than it currently is. With a 250W motor under its hood, and concealed propellers that rotate at a stunning 3600rpm, the SWIMN S1 lets you travel effortlessly at speeds of 4.3mph in the water, enough to at match up to Olympic medalist Michael Phelps! A simple push-to-propel button system on either side for your left and right hands lets you control the SWIMN S1, allowing you to move forward, turn, and enjoy your time in the water, while the SWIMN S1’s sand-proof design means you can use it in pools or even on beaches.

The SWIMN S1 sports a comfortable EVA foam upper, and houses its propeller system below. Unlike most electric boards, the SWIMN S1‘s propellers don’t face directly backwards, but rather are positioned at an angle to avoid thrusting water directly at the swimmer. This boosts its efficiency and eventually its battery life, giving the SWIMN S1 nearly an hour’s worth of usage on a single charge. The propeller outlets are each fitted with nozzles that can be detached to turn the SWIMN S1 into a renegade water gun that can shoot out jets of water at friends and family, giving you an edge at water fights and instantly amplifying your pool party’s fun quotient!

The SWIMN S1 comes in a lightweight design that’s both effectively buoyant and powerful enough to be used by kids and adults. Its small design makes it easy to carry around, thanks to a handle built into it, and its 97.68wh battery makes it safe to carry on flights too. It works equally well in freshwater and seawater, making it not just a water-based toy, but even a great tool to help non-swimmers overcome their fear of water and truly enjoy learning how to swim!

Designer: ePropulsion

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SWIMN S1: Pool Scooter for Swimming Faster

Designed for both children and adults at all swimming skill levels, the SWIMN S1 is a powered pool scooter with a powerful built-in 250w motor and 2.5mph (4km/h) max.speed that helps you swim faster and further while having fun.

Why You Need SWIMN S1

New swimmer, slow swimmer or tired swimmer? Doesn’t matter if you are swimming for exercise or simply relaxing, with SWIMN S1, you can always gain a better swimming experience!

Key Features of the SWIMN S1

Swim Fast

Swimmers on average swim at speed of 1.8mph (3km/h). With the power boost from SWIMN S1, you can easily swim at 4.3mph (7km/h), almost catching up with Phelps!

Swim Fun

With SWIMN S1, you’ll never get bored of swimming! Designed with quick detachable nozzles, it can be turned into a powerful water gun to offer more swimming fun.

Quick Detachable Nozzle

Swim Safe

With 5.5kgf strong buoyancy, fence protection, and the two-step waterproof design, you can enjoy swimming fun without worries.

Strong Flotation. 5.5kgf buoyancy provides strong flotation. Adults can ride it safely. According to their test, SWIMN S1 can pull an adult weighing 80kg forward easily.

Fence Protection. The specially-designed engine fence keeps children’s little fingers from getting in.

V Shape Ergonomic Design

How to Use the SWIMN S1

Simply press both buttons at the front to go, release the buttons to stop, and tilt the board to turn. It’s really that easy.

The start button also serves as a light indicator showing the battery status during use, so you can get prepared ahead of time!

SWIMN S1 test in the sea.

SWIMN S1 test in the pool.

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