Re-energise with some much needed office privacy using this enticing triad!

Offices can be…well the opposite of private. And with open offices being all the hype nowadays, finding a spot to breathe a sigh of relief in and catch up on some much needed personal time becomes almost impossible. Here swoops in Poppin with their ‘Quiet Time (QT) Privacy Lounge Chair’. And the chair does exactly what it sounds like it might do. Featuring a solid wood frame, the chair consists of three ‘walls’ layered with foam and fiber for a fluffy, springy feel, promising to absorb all and every background noise, and creating a hidden oasis for you. The three ‘walls’ are actually two tufted surround pillows and one back pillow crafted to ensure that you’re comfort level is at its highest.

Showcasing a warm cocoon-like structure, the lounge chair claims to shield off sound waves while keeping you invisible from all the prying eyes around you (unless you’re like super tall). The chair is available in a collection of myriad and fun colors; Gray, Dark Gray, Brick, Dark Blue, Teal, Leaf Green, and Blush.

However, here’s where Poppin has really taken our comfort into serious consideration! The privacy chair can be paired with a complementing ottoman! The QT Privacy Lounge Ottoman matches perfectly with the chair, allowing you to sprawl your legs and giving you the illusion of cuddling up back home in your cozy bed. The ottoman comes in a range of colors as well, so you can mix and match as you like! The final cherry on the icing is the option of procuring Poppin’s Spot Side Table with it. Created from solid ash with a natural or black finish, the table slides in close to the chair like butter, allowing you to place your laptop or tablet on it, and work with complete ease.

The entire trio put together creates a perfect little private spot for you to lay back and get your work done in peace. Assembled effortlessly in a short duration of time, the QT Privacy Lounge Chair with it’s accompanying ottoman and side table create a safe haven for you within your chaotic office!

Designer: Poppin

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