Grovemade X Blackwing Pencil Kit keeps pens sharp and clean

The adage “The pen is mightier than the sword” has been true throughout the centuries. It Is no different in this new millennium as the written word has more power than violence when communicating a message.

The “pen” may be in a different form these days as it can now refer to the keyboard in the digital world, but some writers maintain their love for the basic writing instrument. Even in this day and age, we still need pens around the house or in the office. Pens will never go out of circulation but it may be fun to be more creative and have fun with pen design.

Designers: Grovemade and Blackwing

Grovemade X Blackwing Pencil Kit 2

That’s what Grovemade and Blackwing have done with the Grovemade X Blackwing Pencil Kit. This innovative kit can keep pens always sharp for use. The two companies worked together on this unique collaboration to develop beautiful tools for work.

You can say pencils on their own are already minimalist, but they can still be more efficient. These pens already come with their own tip-protection and a sharpening system. The pencils also come with a unique stand that keeps the objects vertical.

Grovemade X Blackwing Pencil Kit

Grovemade X Blackwing Pencil Kit 6

The Grovemade and Blackwing Pencil Kit’s aesthetics are pleasing, providing something easy on the eyes. So if you see something nice and calming on your desk, you may be inspired to work, and that’s what the pencil kit can do. A kit consists of 12 custom pencils, a Walnut stand, and one sharpener. Unfortunately, you can’t buy the items separately as they come as part of a kit. The Grovemade X Blackwing Pencil Kit costs $120.

Grovemade X Blackwing Pencil Kit 5

Grovemade X Blackwing Pencil Kit Details

Blackwing is a brand known for its iconic pencils. The quality pencils are made from Japanese graphite and incense cedar. Grovemade is a shop that helps makers and business owners create and sell their crafts. The two teamed up to work on a new pencil kit that won’t remain a decor or unused stuff. Instead, creatives will love the pencil kit for its clean and composed style.

The pencil stand puts pens within reach on your desk. It is a storage for your pencils, but on its own, it appears like an art sculpture that can be a conversation starter. To keep pens sharp always is the Blackwing sharpener. It is made of machined aluminum and a custom German steel blade. The sharpener results in a long and durable curved point.

Grovemade X Blackwing Pencil Kit 4