The Blue Spruce Jeweled Try Square is a thing of beauty

You may not have a use for a Try Square, but you may want to have a Jeweled Try Square for yourself. There are no jewels, diamonds, or crystals, but this product’s finish gives that illusion of a rare jewel waiting to be discovered.

Blue Spruce Toolworks is in the business of making quality hand tools you can use to create the finest products. It is more famous for its woodworking tools, chisels, and other related materials. The try square is one of the company’s many products, and it is literally sprucing up the device with the best finishes.

Designer: Dave Jeske

Blue Spruce Jeweled Try Square

The try square remains an essential piece of equipment in woodworking and carpentry. It is often used to check the assemblies, layout work, and the squareness of a material. The try square has been used for thousands of years and has probably reached its peak. Most try squares are now perfectly manufactured, but there is no reason why they can’t be improved.

There is no limit to innovation that is why Blue Spruce Toolworks was able to come up with the Blue Spruce Jeweled Try Square. Combining basic design and modern materials, the new Jeweled Try Square from the brand is CNC-machined from cast and ground tools. It doesn’t use wood, just aluminum with a stainless steel blade with more high-quality stainless steel. The stainless steel blade is held with three precision-machined custom-designed binding barrels to the stock.

Blue Spruce Jeweled Try Square 5

Blue Spruce Jeweled Try Square 4

You can get either the 6-inch or 12-inch version in different colors and finishes: clear anodized, blue, black, or Green Cerakote. You can also choose the infill: Figured Maple, African Blackwood, or Cocobolo. Genuine leather is a new choice for the infill.

Jeweled Try Square 1

Jeweled Try Square

The Blue Spruce Jeweled Try Square can last a lifetime. It’s a reliable tool as it is a perfect fit for the holes in the blade and stock. It’s not just helpful but is also beautiful with the design. The look and feel of the try square may remind you of those classic sports cars and fine watches because of the excellent craftsmanship. Each try square is a work of art that you can customize.

We have previously seen beautifully-designed tools we never imagined would be introduced. In the design world, you can expect anything to be spruced up. The design makes things more exciting to use like in the case of the Auto Hammer and the Lever Sander. We also remember the Rhino Hammer and the Screw Pocket Drill.

Blue Spruce Jeweled Try Square 2

Jeweled Try Square

Jeweled Try Square