Remember the Trashcan Mac? Someone turned it into a coffee machine concept.

While comparing the 2013 Mac Pro to a trashcan may have been a little mean in hindsight, its shiny cylindrical exterior translates well to a coffee machine, as per this concept by Young Geon Ahn.

Meet Apple Drip – a conceptual caffeine distributing machine that brews “the best coffee Apple’s ever made” if Tim Cook had to ever take to the stage to introduce such an appliance. It flips Jony Ive’s unique design over and turns an ill-received desktop computer into a tabletop brewer, complete with a dispenser nozzle that slides out to dispense coffee, and slides back into the machine, sitting flush against the cylindrical surface when non-operational.

Designer: Young Geon Ahn

The Apple Drip officially becomes the first Apple concept we’ve seen that’s designed for the kitchen. Truth be told, Apple’s brand of minimalism fits pretty much anywhere, after all, a HomePod looks pretty darn good in a kitchen, right?

The Apple Drip has a style that’s comparable to the Ember Mug (fun fact, Ember’s lead designer Robert Brunner worked extensively at Apple) with a slick, black design that looks equal parts mysterious and approachable. Uncomplicated, yet professional. The black cylinder comes with a touchscreen interface on its upper rim, with just three buttons – a power button, a temperature button, and a coffee dispensing button. Designed to work (one assumes) with an app or even with Siri, the Drip dispenses coffee into a sleek looking mug that sits in its designated place on a larger rectangular platform. From the looks of it, the Drip even comes with a home button on its nozzle, although what that does is anyone’s guess.

While clearly conceptual, the Apple Drip is a fun design prompt for hackers and YouTubers, giving them an opportunity to turn existing (and obsolete) products into fun alternatives. Anyone planning on building this? If you do, just fo me a favor and call it something clever like the iCedLatte Pro or something…